How it works

To become a Khulisa Network member, applicants need to complete:

  1. A registration applicaton form.
  2. Copy of valid ID.
  3. Proof of banking details.
  4. Receive SMS with Customer KGU Number.
  5. Sales Order process.
  6. Sales & Marketing training.
  7. Administration & Payment procedures.

Khulisa Network Sales Members grow their Network and share the opportunity to earn sales commissions.
Registered Khulisa Network Members sell Power Food products to earn commission on active member payments by the 15th of each Month.
Khulisa will process Purchase Orders on receipt of payments, Invoices and organise logistics for product deliveries and pay commissions due.

Included in the cost of the purchase orders:
       1. Product
       2. Marketing Costs
       3. Administration Fees
       4. Banking Fees
       5. Logistics (Delivery to Community centres for collection)

Khulisa despatches products for delivery by the 25th of each Month.

Commissions are paid to Khulisa Network Sales Members on products ordered and paid for.


Khulisa Network Sales Members will earn monthly commission on their sales and active member sales within their own network, paid into their bank account, up to level 5. Active members need to produce at least 1 sale per month.