About Us

Khulisa Make it Grow and Khulisa Grow Up are multicultural, multiracial and dynamic marketing and direct sales network companies. Part of South African Growth Initiatives, the Khulisa Network companies are solely South African women owned and managed, providing household products and consumables with the primary goal of empowering and uplifting local communities. We encourage small business opportunities by assisting with the creation of direct sales networks, selling sustainable products of both nutritional food and household cleaning agents.  

The Khulisa Networks create working opportunities and earning potential to any persons that so wishes to become a sales member of any Khulisa Network.  Products are sold both online and in person, and anyone can simultaneously join a Khulisa Sales Network should they wish to begin their own retail start up business as a sales network member going forward. 

As direct sales network companies, Khulisa Networks sell directly to consumers away from fixed retail locations. Marketed through independent network members, it’s the oldest form of direct selling. The Khulisa Networks market primarily through community and group presentations, independent sales persons and Network members, therefore enabling the Khulisa Networks to reach a vast majority of its' target market.  

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