How to Join the Khulisa Network

Step 1

Register on the Website

To register you need to have an email address which allows you to shop online.  To then become a Khulisa Network member, purchase any one of the Network Memberships in the shop. Please create both a postal/billing address and a delivery address. Please make sure all your information is correct and complete. Click here on register button to begin.


Step 2

Buy the Membership Product in the online shop

The Network Membership is the first product listed in the shop under hampers 1,2 or 3. Your purchase of any of these products, automatically signs you up to receive your ordered hamper. Click below to view the membership products in the online shop.


Step 3

Fill in the linked Khulisa Network membership form

You will receive a private link to the Network online membership form in an email once payment has been received or click on membership form in Step 6. When you are ready to fill it in, make sure you have the following:

  • Your ID book (can upload photo from cellphone)
  • Proof of bank account (can upload photo from cellphone)

Please note, all documentation must be in a digital format to upload and Commissions will only be paid on receipt and approval of your membership application.

Step 4

Receive your 1st Hamper

Your membership hamper purchase will be delivered to you unless collection has been arranged.  Should there be any delays in processing your Khulisa Membership application, you will still receive your membership product hamper.

Step 5

Khulisa Network Membership Approved

We will match your payment order number with your online linked application form on the website and issue you with a Khulisa Network Member Number. This membership number is for your own network members to link you as their sponsor in order for you to earn any commission.

Step 6

Click here to become a member


Send documents related to your membership here

If you have not done so already