A supplier of fortified, dry blended pre-cooked meals, Power Foods is committed to manufacturing and supplying safe, quality food products. Power Foods products are a comprehensive blend of nutrients in a pleasant-tasting, pre-cooked maize or soya base which is quick and easy to prepare.  Foods are culturally acceptable and suitable for feeding schemes, schools, sportsmen, households, workmen as well as the general public.


Chicken Casserole
The newest addition to the Power Foods range, the Chicken Casserole is nutritious and delicious!  Excellent for hard working South Africans, schoolchildren and students, helping to improve their concentration and attendance in class and overall health.

Pasta and Mince
Power Foods Pasta and Mince or Spaghetti Bolognaise is a balanced meal providing the energy and nutrition necessary to keep hard-working South Africans strong and productive.


Power Boost Juice
Power Boost Juice is also formulated in a fruit drink powder, great for children and athletes, boosting energy and improving performance on the field.  A nutritious, refreshing thirst quencher.


Power Boost Porridge
Power Boost Porridge is great for toddlers, young children and adults. Full of good nutrition it assists in the development of strong muscles, teeth and bones.

Soya Mince
Power Foods Soya Mince is a textured vegetable protein and available in a number of flavours. So tasty and easy to prepare, a winner for the whole family.
soup-logo.jpg Super Soup
Packed with vitamins and minerals, Super Soups are great for those chilly winter days and available in plenty of flavours.

Manufactured in South Africa, GP2’s Biodegradable products are available through our national distribution centres. All GP2 products are non-toxic and have no solvents and have been awarded a 100% Bio Kill rate by an independent SABS/SANS laboratory over a 48 hour period. GP2 is safe enough to be used in a variety of industries, from mining, industrial & engineering to hospitality, food & beverage, manufacturing, the motor industry, sport & recreation, hospitals, corporate cleaning and domestic use.  With GP2 we aim to make a difference in preserving and improving the state of the environment.


GP2 Biodegradable Industrial Degreaser & Sanitiser
GP2 Biodegradable Degreaser is a non-toxic, water based, environmentally and user friendly product.  With no flash point it is safe to use on machinery and in other industries from mining, industrial & engineering, to hospitality, food & beverage, the motor industry, sports & recreation, hospitals, corporate cleaning, as well as manufacturing.


GP2 Biodegradable Commercial Sanitiser & Degreaser
GP2 Biodegradable Commercial Sanitiser is an effective multi-purpose, water based cleaning agent. With excellent anti-bacterial qualities, it is safe enough to be used in the cleaning of kitchens and food processing machines, having received highly recommended accolades from various HACCP compliant food manufacturers, making it food grade safe. 


GP2 Biodegradable Waterless Hand Cleaner
GP2 Waterless Hand Cleaner is biodegradable, water based and solvent-free, developed specifically for technicians, industrial professionals and any personnel needing a sanitising hand cleaner.  It gently cleans the toughest dirt and grease, is non-toxic and prevents dry skin with its moisturising qualities.


Builders Sand

Finest quality, red sand in handy packaging of 10kg or 15kg bags.  Ideal for all your small jobs.

Available in 10kg, 15kg or 7.5 Tons (loose bulk).


Plaster Sand

A washed and clean sand is an ideal granular size for plaster work.

Only available in 7.5 Tons (loose bulk).


River Sand

A clean and dry river sand with rounded particles.

Only available in 7.5 Tons (loose bulk).


Builders Pre-Mix

A convenient 10kg or 15kg Portland cement and sand mix.  Ideal for jobs around the house.

Available in 10kg or 15kg only.

Available by enquiry only - Enquire Now

Pre-assembled hampers making up a collection of assembled fortified foods and a cleaner. We have 2 hampers to help you get up and running and sample most of our products.

Khulisa Network Members get these hampers at a different price to the public. At first glance, they cost a bit more, but they include all delivery costs so they end up costing less.


Hamper #1

Pre-assembled hamper containing the following items:
  • 1kg Pasta and Mince 
  • 1kg Power Boost Juice 
  • 1kgPower Boost Porridge (Vanilla/Strawberry/Banana) 
  • 1kg Soya Mince (Beef/Curry/Chicken/Oxtail/Tomato-Peri) 
  • 1kg Super Soup (Beef/Curry/Chicken/Oxtail/Tomato-Peri) 
  • 750ml GP2 Biodegradable Industrial 


Hamper #2

Pre-assembled hamper containing the following items:
  • 1kg Chicken Casserole 
  • 1kg Pasta and Mince 
  • 1kg Power Boost Juice 
  • 1kg Power Boost Porridge (Vanilla/Strawberry/Banana) 
  • 1kg Soya Mince (Beef/Curry/Chicken/Oxtail/Tomato-Peri) 
  • 1kg Super Soup (Beef/Curry/Chicken/Oxtail/Tomato-Peri) 
  • 5L GP2 Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner


Hamper #3

Pre-assembled hamper containing the following items:
  • 5kg Chicken Casserole 1
  • kg Pasta and Mince 
  • 5kg Power Boost Juice 
  • 5kg Power Boost Porridge (Vanilla/Strawberry/Banana) 
  • 1kg Soya Mince (Beef/Curry/Chicken/Oxtail/Tomato-Peri) 
  • 1kg Super Soup (Beef/Curry/Chicken/Oxtail/Tomato-Peri) 
  • 5L GP2 Biodegradable Commercial Cleaner

Note: When there are a range of assorted flavours, a flavour will be randomly selected for you. If you insist on particular product flavours, we suggest you order the items individually.